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JUMPING THE GAP 2SER 107.3FM Sydney Wednesdays Noon - 2pm (AU EST) Streams: http://2ser.com/shows/jumping-the-gap/ Host: Paris Groovescooter Home: groovescooter.com E-news: http://eepurl.com/dS9bz FB: facebook.com/GroovescooterdadAdA A mixed plunge into psych-funk, soul, disco, reggae, soundtracks, free-jazz & beyond, hosted by Paris from Groovescooter. Sometimes there's a theme or a guest. Shows can dive headlong into Brazilian, Turkish or Afrobeat specials, play word association, stretch the bungee to slap artists/genres face-to-face, or jump for joy honoring a fave producer or label. Whether it's old, new or yet-to-be released, a classic, demo or an exclusive gap-jumping edit, tunes are sourced from around the globe. We may leap about, teeter close to the edge or nosedive into the blue beyond sometimes, but there's always a guide-rope (admittedly frayed & tenuous) providing some connection with 'groove'.

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