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🔊🎶Mixing sounds from the dnb universe ✨ 🛸until we perish 💥 🔊🎶 Regular monthly uploads for my Liquid Licks & Deep Licks on first & third week 🎶 Representing the more liquid, soulful, atmospheric and deeper tones of DnB but sometimes also dip in the dark-side, techy n jungle corners 🎶 🔊🎶 Monthly live show "Tuesday Licks" on https://drumbase.space/ 🕗 First Tuesday in month / 8pm -10pm / 🕘 21:00 - 23:00 GMT //optional broadcasting on Mixcloud Live// 🔊🎶 Lost Place DnB on Mixcloud Live Unscheduled live show: ➡️ watch the Posts ! 😎👊 (Additional some mixes & collabs in between) *All mixes only and exclusive on Mixcloud* 1💙🎶 DnB

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