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The Rock n Roll Dance Party

Hi im Andy B and He is Steve O and Were into good old rock n roll 50s style of course we have been a djs on and off playing to and around the Chesterfield / Sheffield areas as well as some major events like the Americana with the first being the spinning rock record hop and now The Rock N Roll Dance Party radio/ record hop and know as Andy b by my mates .... we started radio shows on a local show on Maunside community radio then moving over to rockabilly radio some years can listen in live to our shows on every Thursday evening from 8pm till 10 pm UK time. live show ! live show! i love my 50s cars bikes ect and at present own a 1955 Pontiac Chieftain.... Steve is as we were a great family guy at the moment with young Eddie taking up a lot of his time lol

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