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GONE TO SOUNDCLOUD, FOLLOW ME THERE INSTEAD Rob Tune, professionally known as DJ Choon, is a globally recognized DJ, producer, With a deep-rooted passion for electronic music and an unwavering commitment to advancing the techno scene, DJ Choon has established himself as a multifaceted and influential figure in the industry. As an official DJ for Sonaxx Records, DJ Choon has been at the forefront of cutting-edge techno music. His performances are known for their electrifying energy, technical prowess, and versatile track selection. Whether it's Peaktime Techno or Hard Techno, DJ Choon's sets are a captivating fusion of pounding beats, relentless energy, and innovative tracks that never fail to leave dancefloors in awe. He has graced stages in renowned venues across Europe and the UK, delivering unforgettable performances that have earned him a loyal following of techno enthusiasts.

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