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Real GhettoStoriez Email:[email protected] Whatsapp +447904348660 realghettostoriez is a London based music blog portraying the Dancehall Reggae sound system culture and to provide its audience with the best of the genre from the legendary oldies to current, up and coming sound systems worldwide. Featured sound systems include the immortal Stone Love, Bass Odyssey, Rebel Squad, Killamanjaro, King Jammys, Fire Links, Metro Media, Slingerz and many more. Ultimately Realghettostoriez is a tribute to the creators of the mighty Jamaican Dancehall Reggae Sound Systems born in the impoverished ghettos of Kingston. To date is one of the leading worldwide platforms for promoting Dancehall reggae Sound System/DJ Audio. Send us your Mixtape or live Audio and let it be heard worldwide.

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