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Psyfic Sound System: E19 – PsyRen (Hitech/Darkpsy/Forest)

Psyfic Sound System May 12, 2020

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We bid Panties farewell and congratulate ourselves for a mission well done. But as most of our adventures have proven, the peace of silence is soon interrupted. Warning lights flash and a countdown commences on all the screens in the lab. The aliens who built this planet are initiating a catastrophic event simulation. The ground beings to quake and roll. “I think it’s time that we get out of here!”

Scrambling back to our ship, we see plumes of smoke rising above the trees. “Yup, now we definitely need to get going!” In the midst of the chaos, PsyRen jumps to the controls. “Asses to your stations and active look out for hazards, I’m taking us back to safety. Course set for Pelorum Studio!”

Molten magma bursts through mountain caps and pillars of lava shoot toward the skies. The terrain around us begins to crumble and crack as we lift off, just seconds before a sink hole forms beneath us.


Download now: Psyfic Sound System: E19 – PsyRen (Hitech/Darkpsy/Forest)

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