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Saturday October 25th 2014 marks 10 years since the legendary John Peel sadly passed away. This date also marks the annual ‘John Peel Day’ on which Peel’s legion of devoted listeners and fans honour his memory and legacy. In 1998, John Peel ran a competition on his BBC Radio 1 show in order to give away 600 Dance / Electronic 12” records that had been building up steadily in Peel Acres since 1997. Because the programme simply didn’t have the budget to courier the records over to the winner, part of the prize – almost unbelievably – involved John driving over to the winner’s house to hand-deliver them! As his contribution to John Peel Day, the winner of these 600 records has put together a special 2-hour radio programme featuring a mix of his favourites from the 600, as well as the story of how it all came about.

Recent Mixes