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Utopian Chant: Spiritual Jazz And Other Tales

Patrick Forge May 15, 2020 1

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Another session from somewhere deep (in the forest). Utopian Chant, the title seemed to resonate particularly as I’m reading Rutger Bregman’s “Utopia For Realists”, and in these times of political cynicism and despair isn’t it a good idea to reclaim that lost horizon of believing in a better world? Most of the music that motivates me seems to be pitching somewhere around there, sonic visions and hallucinations of a better way of being, chants for peace, songs of courage and strength. Spiritual Jazz? Yes, and other tales. I don’t believe that any music is especially imbued with a higher resonance, even more so a genre created and cherished by some who seem to value obscure and esoteric recordings of independent jazz way above their actual musical value. Elitist and spiritual shouldn’t be words that rub shoulders, in jazz or any other realm.

The music should speak for itself!

Peace and love

Download now: Utopian Chant: Spiritual Jazz And Other Tales

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