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Mike Vortex

Mike Vortex comes from the metropolitan area Munich and already began during young years to mixing records. With three like-minded people he brought to life the event row "endzeitkaempfer - the way of electronic music". Endzeitkaempfer existed 6 years successfully, attained cult status at many people and was to guest at the Club "Ultraschall’’ several times. During this time Mike started with producing music and founded with Michael Schuster the label "addictive beats records" which was given up in spite of good results because of lack of time. Mike was also involved in the foundation of the radio station "Novaradio". On Saturdays Novaradio had sent the event row "Electric Delicate" live from the Nachtwerk-Club Munich and had reached up to 80.000 listeners. After two years Mike left the station at own wish to open the club "Department" in his hometown. Nowadays Mike has to be dedicated oneself fully and completely producing music, however, he can be booked still for various DJ gigs!

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