Kingdom of dub

Jazzcat May 15, 2020

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The young music lovers of Jamaica in the late 1960’s would hear the latest tunes by attending dancehall parties where sound systems like ‘Ruddy’s Supreme’ and ‘Tubby’s Home Town Hi-Fi’ would play the reggae dancehall records of the day. ‘Tubby’s Home Town Hi-Fi’ was run and built by King Tubby himself. Tubby was probably one of the first sound engineers to add echo and reverb to the tunes he played at the dancehalls. These versions were then played at the dances by Tubby’s Home Town Hi-Fi. It was only a matter of time before other sound systems began to pick up on Tubby’s original style and began to produce and play ‘dub plates’ of their own. Using only very simple and often home made sound equipment these engineers began to shape a sound unlike anything ever heard before. Producers and engineers like King Tubby, Prince Jammy, Lee ‘scratch’ Perry, Scientist and Augustus Pablo built a style of music which has influenced every form of dance music to this day.

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