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Lee Turner

I’m a DJ (House and Soul) and have also dabbled with Underground House music production. I've been into House music since it started in 1986 and have played various styles over the years. I started off DJ'ing in St Helens at various pubs and then the club Appleby's (helping my DJ Dad out:)). I later DJ’ed professionally from 1989 – 2002 (Miss Moneypenny’s resident as The Connection with mate Malcolm charles, Wigan Pier resident, El Divino Ibiza, Shindig Newcastle & many more clubs across the country). I Left the DJ’ing scene around 2002 but after a while I missed being involved in music. I have a love of most styles of dance music and also enjoy playing Soul music (both new and old checkout http://leeturnersoul.podomatic.com for soul mixes). I currently play Classic house (including most genres from 86 to mid 2000), up front underground 'Deep and Funky' House & Modern Soul music. Hope you enjoy the multi genre music I put up on here :)

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