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Jonny Joka

FLAVOR MIX was founded in 2000 by the DJ duo Grandmaster Ben and Fab 5 Finger. Until 2015, the show was broadcast every Friday for three hours on N-JOY, the youth station of NDR, in front of up to 500,000 listeners. In 2011, Hamburg-based DJ Jonny.Joka took over the radio and live production of the show. The artist, who has been well-known in the north for years, seamlessly continued the uniqueness of the format and expanded it with technical DJ finesse. This resulted not least in the FLAVOR MIX live show being booked in major European cities such as London, Rome, Istanbul, Brussels and Ibiza. This was followed by several features of FLAVOR MIX at major events (Kieler Woche, O2 World Hamburg and many more) as well as support for well-known pop stars such as Rihanna, Destiny's Child, Sean Paul and Snoop Dogg, among others. A mix of current hits, unforgotten urban classics as well as a pinch of 70s, 80s and dance also provided for dance-loving guests at gala events.

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