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Jan Frensin

JANKO LASIC a.k.a. JAN FRENSIN was born in 1982. in Zagreb. Already as a boy Jan was amused by electronic music and the subculutre around it. In 1997. he bought his first technics turntables and a djm600 givin birth to his JAN FRENSIN alter ego. Since then he played at clubs such as Mikulichi , Kashina , K4 , Sokol ,Gap , Masters , Arion , Sirup , Medika , Funk , Fanatic , Das Haus , Tunel , Kažte , Soul & performed on many festivals like Mikleuška , Livada , Sirup Nation , Slurp , Exit , Hartera , Sonus etc... Beside his involvment in music business, he continued to DJ, always changing and not defining his style – today it goes from deep, tech, dark house, but also minimal, tribal, techno to nu-disco, funky, soul & jazzy sound with a lots of little magic dj tricks up his sleave ,one thing is for sure , its never boring when Jan is playing... ...and what matters in the end is that music makes people happy and happy people love to dance... :) LISTEN / DOWNLOAD / SHARE

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