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Jan Frensin

JANKO LASIC a.k.a. JAN FRENSIN was born in 1982. in Zagreb. Already as a young boy Jan fell in love with electronic music and the subculutre around it. In 1997. he bought his first Technics turntables givin birth to his JAN FRENSIN alter ego and a start to his life long journey through music and dancefloors... Since then he has played and been a resident to some of the most famous clubs in the area such as Mikulichi, Kashina, K4, Sokol, Masters, Sirup, Medika, Funk, Fanatic, Das Haus, Tunel, Kažte and performed on many big festivals like Mikleuška, Livada, Sirup Nation, Slurp, In Music, Hartera, EXIT, Sonus etc. Through years he continued to evolve as a DJ, always changing and not defining his style – today it goes from deep, tech, dark house, but also minimal, tribal, techno to nu-disco, funky, soul & jazzy sound Armed with years of experiance behind the decks and lot of little magic dj tricks up his sleave, one thing you can be sure of, its never a boring when Jan is playing...

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