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Ishkur’s Headbangin’ 80s Yuletide Mix

Ishkur June 4, 2020

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This one’s for Lemmy.

In what is becoming an annual tradition, Ishkur presents another non-electronic year-end Holiday mix. This is metal. Not just any metal but 80s metal — the golden age of hair whipping, headbanging heavy metal.

So put on your best Eddie the Head concert T, break out the leopard print leotards, grab a tin of eyeliner and a can of hairspray, crank the dials up to 11, embrace your inner Beavis and Butthead and get ready to shred hardcore like the Doof Warrior.

As usual, I avoid the obvious hits (no Motley Crue/Poison/Warrant or anything crappy), and focus on lesser known gems with a mild bias toward LA glam metal and Transformers the Movie because screaming vocals are funny. Really, you shouldn’t take this music too seriously.

Absolutely ZERO care has been made at any semblance of competent mixing. Metal drummers are far too inconsistent so all mixes are essentially fader slammers. Sometimes poorly and in the wrong key.

Up the irons.
Download now: Ishkur’s Headbangin’ 80s Yuletide Mix

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