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Ibiza Global Radio

Ibiza Global Radio is a pioneer electronic music radio station in the island. Backed by a strong reputation, nowadays it is the leading reference for best-of-breed, breakthrough electronic music. Always in the cutting edge of the electronic music world, ibizaglobalradio.com offers an unmatched quality and good taste to its audiences. Supported by an increasing international audience, its live stream www.ibizaglobalradio.com has reached over 1 million visits monthly. Far from the traditional radio formulas, Ibiza Global Radio invented its own way from scratch.We are pioneers in style of 100% radio music distinguished, elegant and avant-garde. Amusing every single day with the appropriate music for all times. We bring our audiences the most current the best international producers and diskjockeys. The success of this radio style has attracted the attention of the best DJ and producers and labels.

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