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Nick Jimenez

I'm from Hawaii! always wanted to be a DJ but could never afford the equipment until 4 years ago, I feel I have a good knowledge of music and surrounded myself with others who know their stuff to learn off of them. Repping: Lightsleepers COF (Central Oahu's Finest) Funky Turntable Ninja's atypicalLIVING HELLAguapo Skratching and mixing are pretty much what I do, I would like to learn production stuff in the future to make beats. I'm all about vinyl, I still collect and use vinyl and serato at the same time. but it's all about the vinyl for me can't use anything else skratching on anything else isn't the same, Always a student of the art always striving to become a better DJ willing to learn whatever. I spin anything I love all genre's, my favorites are Hip hop and R&B, but open to spinning other stuff as I need to be versatile especially when doing weddings and parties, any other questions feel free to ask me.

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