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DVDJ Biggie

A Twenty year veteran of the game, the Central New York Based DVDJ Biggie is a household name in the world of video remixing. Whether it’s in the DJ booth or at the helm of his video remix command center, Biggie is certainly at the Top of the video mixing World. With the world-wide leader in audio & video remixes CrooklynClan.net hosting his vast library of top selling video remixes. Crooklyn Clan has an elite roster of video remix artists of all time in their stable, alongside some of the planets most legendary remixers. In 2012 Biggie Won the award for Best Video DJ Editor at the 2012 Video DJ Conference in Las Vegas! DVDJ Biggie knows no bounds when it comes to genres, hip-hop to house; rock to top 40; old school to reggae…he has the skill set to put each video together seamlessly in the club.

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