Neil Armstrong June 3, 2020 9

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    Smoove Neil Armstrong

This is the final installation of the Sweeet series. There’s lots of different types of “music” on here. Is it a throwback, Mash Up, or Slow Jam Tape? Or maybe its R&B, Soul Classics, Pop, or Hip Hop? You’ll probably need a label. Call it Smoove.

I live what most would call by today’s harsh standards, a prety uncool and boring life. On your average friday night, you will find me home alone, working – staring at a computer screen, surrounded by stacks of records. Yup, life of the party…

In the movie “Almost Famous”, the main character William Miller has this mentor named Lester Bangs, who tells him – “The only true currency in this bankrupt world is what you share with someone else when you’re uncool…”

This last year I saw so much life. Friends got married, babies were born, friends graduated from college & started their “real” lives. And people fell in love… or tried to. And while you guys were out doing all that, I was at home, making this.


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