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DJ Mac Cummings

DJ Mac Cummings is a multi-award-winning Inspirational Gospel DJ. His career as a DJ began in Memphis, TN in 1993. As a present owner of a Global Inspirational Gospel Radio Station, DJ Mac Cummings stands on his passion to minister to the masses by bringing them spiritual motivation through his original Inspirational Gospel Mix CD’s and his love for the Turntables! He has accomplished this mission of reaching the unreachable and touching the untouchable to stadiums, churches and community crowds for over 20 years! DJ Mac has over 60 Mix CD’s, ranging from Worship, Gospel Rap, Gospel Jazz, Inspirational and International - just to name a few. Affectionately known as the “Turntable Minister,” the life experiences of DJ Mac Cummings have molded and shaped his craft with a unique anointing that brings forth healing, deliverance and simply a celebration of who King Jesus is! As a result of his love for Christ, he has remained a Kingdom Vessel in an amazing way. WELCOME!

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