At the age of 25 Szilveszter K. aka. DJK has reached over 1+ Million views as a DJ on Youtube. DJK has done very well since the release of "Sexy" on Will Spark's label Bourne Recordings in 2019. He started his own radioshow in April 2020 and he already had guests like: Marcus Santoro or KAY [KATE & YEARS] and several world premieres. His unique and quick style of mixing and that he got influenced by nearly every type of genre makes an experience out of every mix. His mashups were played worldwide festivals like Tomorrowland. His ’Edits’ like 'Nobody Else', and 'Party Till We Die' reached a huge number of support on Youtube. If you are looking for a unique, skilled DJ, you are definitely in the right place here with DJK. Contact: [email protected]

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