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Dj Kode-Red

With only five years under his belt, Dj Kode-Red has rocked college and house parties on almost every campus in Michigan. The Promise of Dj Kode-Red on the turntables has caused sold-out talent shows, concerts, and community events. His government name is quickly fading as he continues to make progress in the world of Dj-ing. What started as an idea to help pay for college turned into a passion for music. Now Kode-Red strives to bring a piece of soulful productions to everyone across the state and is guaranteed to be the next star to rise in the Midwest. He has now turned his efforts towards music production. "I haven't forgot the basics, I'm pretty sure I can still rock a stage. I'm just looking for a different avenue in the music business." Outside the headphones Kode-Red spends time working his day job, studying the art of Dj-ing, and Netwroking. He focuses on helping underprivileged students become productive, active members of the community.

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