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Growing up in the early years of hip-hop, back when the art of djing was still being developed, a young and impressionable boy named DJ KMP was exposed to the art of turntablism. From that point on, a seed was implanted in KMP that grew into an obsession with all things relating to djing. According to KMP, one event changed his view and perspective of DJ’s, and that was when he saw the World Supremacy Battle between DJ Joe Cooley vs. DJ Cash Money. This one event really influenced him to take his passion of dee jaying seriously. Hard working is the description that comes to mind when one thinks of KMP. People tend to think that with the clubs and the radio, DJ KMP would be short or pressed for time, but he has somehow found time to manage artists and produce music. As a performer, KMP can be seen touring the states as well as internationally as the Official Tour DJ for Sick Wid It Records Recording Artist E-40. This is a DJ that truly stands out above his dj counterparts.

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