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Travel 45 minutes north of the greater Los Angeles area & you’ll find raw talent incomparable with that of any other typically heard in these days of microwave DJ’s. J Scratch’s unique, signature style combines an eclectic mix of rock influence, hip hop, and crossover mainstream. The result is an unparalleled, dynamic sound, and smooth style that makes him one of the most sought after dj’s in the nation. Discovering his passion for entertaining at the tender age of eleven, J Scratch found his musical inspiration in legendary artists such as Marvin Gaye, El Debarge, and Prince, as well as DJ pioneers KDAY mixmasters on 1580am, DJ Jazzy Jeff, and DJ Alladin from Low Profile. This same passion led J Scratch to devote his life to creating a fresh and innovative brand of dj’ing that sets him apart from the rest.

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