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DJJR Zalsero Native Nuyorican

Hello My Name Is Rico A Native NuYoRican I Was Part Of The Salsa Movement By The Nuyorican In New York City During The 70”s. The date was August 26 1971 at the Cheetah club located 53rd Street and Broadway. "FANIA ALL- STAR" The Birth Of the New York City Sound "SALSA". I Been In The Salsa Scene In Germany Since 1987. Salsa Has Been My Passion For Over Five Decades There's Nothing Like Salsa Music. Melody For The Body And Soul. I Will Say That My Styles Is New York And Puerto Rican. "QUE VIVA LA SALSA" info: 017620464230 or 06047- 9990735 For Your Next Salsa Gig

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