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Joe Reece

Joe Reece: The man behind the Mash-Up!  
 Joe may have only been in the industry for 10 years but his creative passion for music stems back a lot further and this has not gone unnoticed. Joe's amazing flair in creating remixes and mashups has quickly gained him a huge following with some of the biggest DJs and Producers in the scene, with artists all the country clambering to get hold of the latest 'JR' edit.  
 Like every good musician, he keeps the best beats to himself, ensuring that when you book Joe, you get a totally unique set in his amazing style. Joe is a man that understands the art of a DJ set and how that impacts the people on the dancefloor and ultimately maximises profits for the venues he plays in. Joe has a sixth sense to know what the crowd wants and the technical ability to seamlessly stitch it all together. 
Get in touch to see how he can impact your venue in 2020!

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