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DJ Jhelou

DJ Jhelou was exposed into Music and to the Art of DJing when he was just in 3 Years Old, and from then it became his dream to be a Great Musician. To make people Dance and Entertain them thru every Beats and Songs his playing. Thru his everyday practice on virtual dj, He started to learn the basics of Beat Matching. And from then DJ Jhelou developed his Passion and Love to the Art form. He had his first Midi Controller after he finished the 2nd year of his college days. Actually he begged his Mom just to buy him a MIDI Controller as a gift for him. Finally after getting his own MIDI Controller, he started to explore more his skills, not just in Beat Matching but also in Scratching and Beat Juggling. Thru the help of some well known DJs and Turntablist in the country and thru hard practice he mastered the Art form; from being a regular DJ now he's a pro DJ. if you want DJ Jhelou Blast your party book him contact: 09175012741 or email him @ [email protected]

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