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DJ Jeffrey Jacobs's Upcoming Gigs Wed 04 May, 2016 The Ramrod, Fort Lauderdale, United States Powered by What is the most intense part of being a DJ? It's when you are playing 2 bangin' tracks on top of each other lovely and the air from the bass of the monitor speakers are gently hitting you across the face.... These are a few of my favorite things :) Okay. So, here is my story. I was born and raised in the NYC area and spent most of my earlier years getting an education on the dance floors of Twilo, Roxy, Palladium, Limelight, Club USA. etc.. I fooled around, started buying music and started learning how to DJ In 2000 I made the move to Fort Lauderdale, FL. The best move I ever made. It was South Florida that encouraged and motivated me to make DJing an actual reality. Hard work, practice, paitence, some heartbreak but the love for the music and to be able to play it felt so right. So, I got out there, told everyone and persistently...

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