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Jayse Knipe

A DJ since 1992 in the Melbourne electronic music scene in Australia, Jayse Knipe has, was and still is synonymous with the roots of early Rave and Club culture and at a time when both he and it were wee babies themselves in terms of Electronic Music within Australia. Chunky House and Tech Grooves, to the driving rhythms and party sounds of main rooms have been his forte. Not just a house Dj, or just a tech Dj, Jayse can truly rock a room that is wanting either minimmal sounds with a subtler movement through the set, or just a room filled with 'up for it' Tech heads wanting waves of movement and banging drums. Knowing the room and tuning into peoples Rhythmic Surges, in any dance floor space, think out doors vs a smal 300 people, or the simple Bar .An art learned over time, not the time it takes to download an hour and a half set from a torrent.. Check out current and old mixes to get the feel for yourself of what Jayse Knipe brings to the dance floor.

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