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DJ Gil Martin

Gil Martin is a DJ/Producer/Singer/Songwriter, and a mind-bending experience. his sets are so full of energy,passion and always a cutting edge. Gil Martin has come into his own as an artist, developing techniques and cultivating his emotive style, devoted following both locally and nationally, what so many have discovered about Gill Martin the man,and his music. On June 2013 DJ/ producer Gil Martin ability to embrace he’s audience spinning HBO Series "Game of Thrones" for its premiering. On South Beach, Miami. He artistry as a DJ capacity to not only effortlessly blend house genres but to transcend them by saturating he music with pure emotion. Whether he is spinning house,electro,R&B,Hip Hop Top 40 and Rock at a sexy lounge, manipulating beats for the masses at special events, or delivering sublime global sounds poolside on a Sunday afternoon; he has unique texturing and a technique combined with his intensity and unsurpassed selection translates to any crowd, any venue, anywhere… 200

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