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Dj Gedge

Gedge has been DJing around Ireland and beyond for the past 15 years or so. He ran his own Genesis Clubnight in Dublin in the early 90s where he caught the attention of major Irish promoters Liberation where he became their main resident DJ supporting top international guests including Juan Atkins, CJ Bolland, The Advent, Steve Stoll, Ian Pooley, DJ Rolando, Marco Bailey, Dave Angel, Kevin Saunderson and many more.. and has played regularly throughout Ireland with residencies in Martian Arts (Mullingar), Evolution (Belfast), O' Malleys (Galway), Sir Henrys (Cork) and Club 303 (Wexford). He has also played in Bangor Universitey in Wales and the highlight of his early career was playing the RedBox Arena at Irelands biggest dance festival Homelands. He has produced many of his own tracks and is currently looking to get them signed. Gedge's most recent project D'Ωhm_BoyZ with D-TEK is currently causing a stir on as well as working on their own material and rocking dancefloor

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