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I am primarily a D&B DJ since the late 90s, but I also play 70's Funk and Disco. I have played at events alongside Goldie, Doc Scott, Adam F, Klute, Nicky Blackmarket, Ed Rush & Optical, Randall, Grooverider, Bryan G, Hype, High Contrast, Brockie and more. I have presented on Ipswich pirate Flex FM, as well as presenting on Ipswich Community Radio since 2000, and have interviewed Marcus Intalex, Klute, Bad Company, BCee and Mark & Clayton of TOV/Renegade Hardware. Due to low engagement on here, I'm prioritising the following accounts to listen and download: D&B mix downloads: Funk/Soul/Disco mix downloads:'s_Funk%2C_Soul_%26_Disco_Mixes Podcast including iTunes subscription: Alternatively, search 'spectrumicr' in the iTunes store.

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