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Celebrating over 20 years of experience as a DJ dating back to 1997 and 15 as an aspiring producer, it’s no wonder that Fonik has garnered the support of many peers and colleagues down his musical path. Not driven by the desire for fame or money, Fonik does it for the love of the music, the thrill of moving a crowd, the joy of inspiring emotion and the respect of his fellow musicians. “The minute it feels like work, it’s time to hang up the headphones. I do this because I love it.” While he enjoys most every genre of music, breaks or breakbeat has been the driving force in Fonik’s music career. Fonik has done countless club gigs, guest spots on FM and internet radio and special events as well as music festivals. He has recorded hours upon hours of mixes, original tracks, edits and remixes, which can be found on Soundcloud, Mixcloud and HearThis. Whether hard and edgy or smooth and sultry, Fonik’s world class taste in music shines through in the music he creates and plays for everyone.

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