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~~●˙Chris DjEz Ambut˙●~~

It all started back in the summer of 1990 still in high school and living on my own. I used to the boys over tripping acid listening 2 Shawn Jenkins 88.5 Tampa. He would play a lot of rabbit in the Moon DJ Icey AGH/Sandy Kimball, Chad Alan, Brad Smith,Three,monk, George Acosta. The area I lived in was Anna Maria Island. Sleepy little Beach Community. I've been screwing around with one turntable and a cassette deck with pitch control. musical me the one arm bandit DJ EZ nice to spin all night long. I got pretty good @ Electronics enver that I soon discovered that I really really enjoy it. Back in the day I still go shopping at 4 different record stores and you guys used to pull my promos for me.thks.charlie Chris Milo ,uncle Ted & Mike -mojo&razz I used to pick them up on Wednesday or Thursday depending on if the shipment. Are you going home any word on until Monday bass in your f****** face. Place to play the hand for clubs in Tampa on under ground ozone Moongate Boatyard Village 1

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