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Nuno Francisco ( X BOY )

Dj Exploding Boy - mentor of the partys called " Eyes wide shut , ears wide open", "Undead Decadance Party" and " Skeletons and animals fashion party" , Exploding boy spinning some records in alternative clubs of lisbon like Club noir, sabotage club ,beat club now Stereogun , Praca caffe, Noir clubbing, Caixa economica operaria - after partys , Entremuralhas after partys , Wave gothic treffen ,Minicave,return to the batcave, The cure tribute partys, some fetish partys ...he´s member of the bands She Pleasures Herself ,Uni_form , Alma Mater Society , Dead Kulture , The NVDE and Fashion Bizarre , playing drums and making beats with eletronic machinery.

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