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DJ Dynasty

DJ Dynasty is an original NYC vinyl DJ who has played in everything from weekend long schoolyard jams in the Bronx, to New Year’s Eve parties in the legendary, One Times Square Plaza. I learned beat matching at an early age and developed a diverse taste in Funk, Soul, Electro Funk, Disco and even Hip-Hop at the time and I was fortunate enough to meet many people who shared their diverse music experience. This helped me gain a wealth of knowledge of different music from a wide demographic. The combination of which has developed into my own unique style that can be heard in my classic mixes today. I relocated to South Florida back in the late 90’s and over the years I’ve played a number of Disco parties and clubs. I also record a lot of my mixes and I post them on my website, all of which are available for download. I hope you enjoy and thanks for listening.

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