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DJ BRUSH was born in Usti nad Labem (Czech Republic). He has been involved in the hip hop culture since he was young and his interest eventually led him to turntabling in 2007. He started in local clubs in his city and later broke through across the whole country. He participated in the biggest hip hop festivals in the country and supported major names of the Czech and Slovakian scene. Thanks to his unique style he got noticed in the capital city Prague where he became a resident DJ in one of the best hip hop clubs Fancy Lounge. He is also regularly booked at other high profile venues such as KU Bar Lounge, Fashion Club, M1 Lounge. Additionally, his booking includes clubs and bars in other big cities in the Czech Republic. DJ Brush plays RnB, Twerk, Hip hop and urban style in general. His remarkable skills brought him many chances to create promo sets for various clubs, hip hop radios and dancing competitions. His most notable success came in 2015 when he was contacted by DJ City UK

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