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“Jaguar Delight”, Mouvement Libre

DJ Neerav May 16, 2020

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My first online mix since the lock-down. This one was for Mouvement Libre, and was very special, as it was also a kind of bday celebration with friends from all over attending. There are a lot of Aries here in Quebec were I live, and we’re all going through the strangest birthday celebrations imaginable with the quarantine for COVID19 that’s in effect. Suddenly, it’s NOT ok to see friends and family. Suddenly, we are all alone. That’s were the technology comes in. It’s a double edged sword, but for now, it’s our only way of connecting.

So for this one, I wanted to do something tribal, yet playful, to get us to shake our inner cages, and to let our inner animal go wild. The second half is more of a sweet come down, with lots of ear candy.

For my bday, some nice angel left chocolate cupcakes at my door. Now is the time where each of us can make a difference in each other’s lives. It’s a great time for us to go deep inside, but also to raise each other up.

Victory for All!
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