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DJ DOT – Trance with a Twist side A&B

D-Dave May 14, 2020 12

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This is one of my few mixes made with vinyl. I think it must be recorded after coming home from Goa in 1997, or possible 96. I called myself DJ DOT there for a while before chosing D-Dave. I think it’s a mix of my own record collection, and possibly some records from Lukas in Gothenburg, but, I’m really not sure. I dont know all the tracks, you have to help me with the tracklist. It’s got Hallucinogen, Astral Projection, Moonweed, Endora, Power Source, Phreaky and Transwave.

I was learning to mix here and the beatmatching isnt flawless, but the selection of tracks is pretty good so I thought it was worth sharing.

Now I recorded it from the walkman cassette player you see in the picture, which I used all the time in the 90s and restored the sound somewhat with Ozone mastering, but you still have the hiss from the cassette in the background. The file is put together from both sides, you will have a very depressing end on side A, then silence (hiss…) and a new beginning on side B.
Download now: DJ DOT – Trance with a Twist side A&B

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