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Dan’s Lounge 0040 – (2020 03 29) Sleepless Blues

Dan's Lounge June 4, 2020 1

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I couldn’t sleep last night.

No point in rolling around in bed, flattening the pillow and twisting the bed sheet.
Pulled out the ear plugs and pressed the on button of the smart watch.
I knew it. Way too late and way too early, whichever way you slice it.
Cold feet I slid into my slippers with heavy steps up to the kitchen looking for that cold milk; but yeah, there is none cause we’re quarantined.
Popped open a good old IPA and down to the cave I went with a mixing idea in mind. It was going to be the blues tonight!
Here are some of the roots of modern music.
The deep vein of Africa is talking to us through the swamp in Mississippi. Lots of pain and suffering and also some joy went into the formation of this genre, which eventually found its way over to northern Europe and finally spread across the world. You will recognise the chords and the rhythm patterns.
The last one is for Kenny Rogers who passed away last week. Enjoy the ride Kenny! I’ll keep listening.

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