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DJ FUMI aka 23 beatz

DJ FUMI PROFILE DJ FUMI starts his DJ carrier since 199X and starts DJing at club party and at the foreign party. Starts to Join MainStream,Classic R&B party and West Coast party. His play style is wide selection of music. DJ FUMIs play style was encouraged at the scene and was called『FANTASTIC PLAYER』. Of course he Rocks out the croud in the Main Time, even before the main time with his groove, selection of music and using the mic. In 2007 DJ FUMI releases his monthly mix CD all over Japan 『ING』,Theres another mix CD that DJ FUMI an indeterminate releases 『R&B AND THE CITY』. DJ FUMI made a great sales at a major shop from his often release. In 2008 DJ FUMI DJ in New York In his hometown Wakayama, main in Osaka, DJ FUMI gets booked as a guest DJ. From 2012 DJ FUMI moves base to TOKYO. He is the most expect DJ from now. And appointed from 2014 to vanity osaka of resident dj I'm fascinated by the clubbers of osaka a year more than 200 dj play.

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