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CrazyDeep is a DJ/Producer/Remixer his real Name is Akrem Bouguerra, He is influced by the deep teck and prog teck music that's why he took this style as a specially and has focused on it in his work . He had so many deals with many labels Supported by many famous djs Local like : Dj Danger, Dj Maroo, Dj Bach, Dj Wolf , Dj Fathi Black ,and more .. International Djs : Eric Morillo,Markus Schulz ,Cassandria Daiva, Hyline, Sasha Le Monnier,Frenk Dj,Jaytech.. He is fun of Deep/tech & Prog/Tech since he got an important knowlge about djs .. but he create his own style which made him special. Booking & More Info: @ [email protected] Cell: +216.50.453.886

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