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Chris Liebing

Home of AM/FM, the weekly radio show bringing you Chris’ latest sets from around the world. Syndicated worldwide by After almost 3 decades of performing around the world, producing music, running labels and hosting countless weekly radio shows, things have come full circle for Chris Liebing. The Frankfurt-based ambassador for uncompromising, unpolished techno keeps on traveling the globe while at the same time releasing very personal, emotionally articulate electronic music on labels like Mute. Since the beginning of his journey as a performer in the early 90s, Chris has always been searching intuitively for a certain ritual energy and an archetypal rawness in his music. In 2020 Chris can look back on a list of memorable career milestones, but nostalgia is an unknown feeling for someone who is currently producing his 4th studio album since the present moment appears way more significant and exciting than any past achievement could possibly be.

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