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Bruno Bolla

Bruno Bolla from Milan started his career in the mid 80's playing in clubs like VIRIDIS and PRIMO PIANO. His sets were a brilliant mix between experimental electronics , post punk wave and afro-soul-funk , which characterises his attitude as an eclectic and versatile artist to insiders and followers. As a result he became one of the main Dj's playing acid jazz - Rare groove scene with Italian legendary gigs as BAZDO (1988-1990), JAZID (1990 - 1994) and JAZZ CAFE' (1994-1996) in the centre of Milan, which helped Bruno to get a solid international reputation and credibility. This got him numerous guests in Italy and abroad. His natural eclecticism helps him compete with sounds like house and techno and this shows by him playing at a club like MATMOS , one of the first and still most famous Italian house "one night" , and LIZARD . His selection dictated by his innovative spirit, always looking for new solutions and sounds, makes Bruno an artist difficult to imitate.

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