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Bruk Boogie Kru » Ruben Estevez (CH) , Serhan Cetin (UK) A collective of true music lovers, Producers and Dj's pushing the boundaries and sharing sounds from genres such as Broken Beat, Future Jazz, Funk,Latin Jazz, Afrobeat, Deep House and Bossa. Heavily influenced by the London dance music and clubbing scene of the last 30 years. The guys discovered their full inspiration after Djing in various spots around the globe such as South & West Africa, Japan, Brazil and through Europe. Having performed as DJ’s in various large events around the world. BBK bring a fresh and vibrant sound and energy out of Lausanne (Switzerland) Sao Paulo and London. Full of curiosity and passion they create a new fusion of Afro-futuristic music. Brukboogiekru Peace Love & UNITY Ruben Estevez

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