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Brent Vanover

Singer / Songwriter, DJing musician who enjoys all Jon Rayz " genres " depending on what's happenin and how I am feeling. Started with 4 fish when I was 6 ( John, George, Ringo, and Paul ), and playing guitar at 11, then went to percussion in band bc I love the beat, and marched snare for 4 years. Then got into the club scene a little early at 17 spinning vinyl. Have always gone back and forth between more traditional musical instruments and digital nasty ;). I got into scratching and juggling a little bit, but Notre so enjoy matching beats, throwing faders, togels, etc. I'm just not starting to play with some digital stuff on here with dj pro, so hard with me. Looking forward to going to school at SAE in Nashville this summer so I'm sure a lot more to come.

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