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DJ sock it to em

Played fraternity parties and the major club in Marquette, “The Alibi”. I became the #1 DJ on and off campus. I became the #1 jock on WBKX, the campus radio station, cut and scratch with the best of them. Then going back home spinning in some the biggest night in Detroit, “Rose Supper Club”, “Slaughter Playpit”, “UBQ”, “The Shelter”, “Club Med”, and many others My name started out as DJ Sensor but I felt I wanted to change that to “DJ sock it ’em”. I was deejaying a lot of house parties for colleges, frat, cabarets, and underground house like the “Hey Jude”, “Detroit West Club”, “Dazzle”, and one of the biggest underground club, New York Disco. I also put together a series of mix tapes called, “The House Chronicles”, selling thousands of them on the streets. Then I produced my first WAX project, “All the flavors 1, 2 and 3”, on VanPower Records, which sold thousands of copy. And now I have one of the hottest track Called I ain't gotta go to work tomorrow.

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