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DJ Brandon Jon

Brandon Jon Aw or DJ Brandon Jon as he has come to be known is already experienced in the DJ scene. He began learning how to DJ sometime May 2012 it wasn’t until October 2012 that we would get his first few gigs. Starting his career off as a house DJ, he would get regular gigs in Seventh High’s Club Room where there was increasing demand for EDM hits. He was not content with being limited to one genre however and he would later decide to learn turntablism and hip-hop. Brandon Jon would develop his ability to mix both hip-hop and house tracks. This would prove crucial as he would go on to win the first ever Red Bull Threestyle University Competition (2013) making him the undisputed best collegiate DJ in Manila. Ever since he won the competition, gigs began to pile up for the hottest clubs/bars around the Philippines. He would also go play for Festivals and other events. He retired being a club DJ in 2019 and focused on events such as weddings, debuts and corporate events instead.

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