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Electronic Fusion

ELECTRONIC FUSION is a weekly radio show of 2 hours, broadcast by Modul303 from Germany, SCIFI.radio from the USA and Radio Dark Tunnel from Germany. The radio show took off with episode #1 on 18 September 2015. Radio show ELECTRONIC FUSION has become a true gold mine of contemporary electronic music. ELECTRONIC FUSION is solely dedicated to electronic music of various styles, such as: downtempo, chillout, space, ambient, atmospheric, Berlin School. Check: http://www.modul303.com https://scifi.radio/ https://radio-dark-tunnel.net/ Official website: https://www.brainvoyagermusic.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Brainvoyager/ Are you an electronic musician and would you like to have airplay in ELECTRONIC FUSION? Check: https://www.brainvoyagermusic.com/free-airplay for full details as to how to submit your music.

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