by: BradyXK

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A collection of some of the new tunes I'm digging. 1 or 2 mixes were planned, but for the most part it's a jam session. Yaaaaaaaay booze!


Gridlok and Prolix - Slingshot VIP

Silent Witness - Overdog

Set Theory - Ed:it and Pennygiles

Heavy Bettie - Neonlight

Make Those Move - I Am Legion (Teddy Killers rmx)

Grey Town - Zombie Cats

Detuned - L 33

Scrambler - Silent Witness

Scatter - Friction feat. Total Science

Without You - Majistrate and Sub Zero ft. Jess Luck

Friday the 13th - Mindscape and Jade ft. Coppa

Stampede - Audio

Control - Emperor

Hotplate - Enei

My Tearz - Lenzman and Steo

The Ascent - The Invaderz

Remember Your Rootz - Dom and Roland

Kontroller - Silent Witness and Break

Toyz - Eastcolors

Back to Basics - S.P.Y feat. Diane Charlemagne

Gully Halves - Alix Perez

Killamanaman - Hyroglifics