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Rui Pregal da Cunha

Since his first remix, Amor - Night Version (1982) that he has been right on target with the crowds and with the need to keep on truckin' the emotions that make us want to dance non stop. Cross fading from Pistols to Kraftwerk, not batting an eyelid while two-stepping from any Trentmøller into a young mademoiselle Bardot. Adapting a resolute form of "emotional guerilla" though side stepping the corny use of "known clichés" as a cut throat method of finding the dance inside each dance-floor archetype. Manipulator and sound-biter he still loves vinyl but since 2001 has used in his "1st Wednesday of the month" residency at A Capela a laptop rig chock-a-block with all the tunes you could ever not think of distributed over 4 channels by Native Instrument's Traktor... sometimes all of them in tandem.

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